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    Electropedic has made "Your Comfort Is Everything!" our only business Since 1964.  Originally the manufacturer of the Electropedic Adjustable Bed; Today we are the authorized dealer and service center from over 50 different electric home care manufacturers; including (8) Eight different Hospital Bed Manufacturers.

    Our 56 Years of Experience in the Electric Homecare Products industry will mean the Right Hospital Bed for You!

    Family Owned and Operated, We have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon offering the Public the Best Service.  After the Original Manufacturer's Warranty expires, Electropedic offers you our:


    Today over 25% of our business is built upon customer referrals and repeat business:

    DELIVERY COUNTS:  Our Hospital Bed Delivery People have over 20 Years of Experience Each.  We have found that the initial delivery and set-up of your hospital bed is of critical importance to your long term trouble free use.  (note:  we have traced almost all service issues to the original set-up, our part.)  Hospital Bed Set-Up is not just a matter of "something that has to get done."  DELIVERY & SET-UP IS EVERYTHING!

    SERVICE CENTER:  We understand that your Hospital Bed "always" has to be working.  We usually can Service any Hospital Bed the same day or next day.   We keep almost all spare parts in stock. Loaners are available too.  Our New & Used Hospital Beds come with the Manufacturer's Original Warranty, Our LIMITED LIFETIME PARTS WARRANTY and OUR LIFETIME SERVICE COMMITMENT!

An Introduction to Getting a Hospital Bed

First we have to know a little about you and your stairlift and your budget

Semi-Electric Hospital Beds Fully Electric Hi-Lo Hospital Beds 
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Trendellenburg  Used Hospital Beds
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Bariatric Beds Adjustable Beds
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Select a model for your personal use, and start making going up and down your stairs safe and easy again . . .

Graham-Field Patriot Latexpedic
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I-adjust 3 motor fully electric adjustable hospital bed with Hi-Low up and down bed height positioning  flexabed 3 motor fully electric hospital bed 
Supernal 3 Supernal 5
phoenix supernal high low twin full queen phoenix az scottsdale Tempe tempe mesa is glendale chandler peoria gilbert chandler surprise Supernal 5 high low hospital transfer master bed 
Tuffcare  Drive
senior hospital bed in phoenix az hi lo medical mattress   Phoenix az Drive 3 motor fully electric high low bed 
  • Phoenix High Low Hospital Bed
Bariatric Heavy Duty
Invacare Electric Beds phoenix hospital medical mattress heavy duty mattress obesity wide large bariatric electric pound capacity lb bed 
Span America Blue-Chip
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Phoenix Rent A Hospital Bed

Phoenix Hospital Bed Rentals

Let us know your Phoenix AZ Hospital Bed Rental Requests

  • Phoenix Hospital Bed Rentals comes in your choice of 2 motor semi-electric or 3 motor fully electric Hi-Lo.  Semi-Electric Hospital Beds electric adjust your back and your legs to any position you desire; the 3 motor fully electric Hi-Lo Hospital Beds also allow you to electrically elevate the entire bed up and down.

You may need the fully electric High-Low Hospital Bed Rental if you have difficulty getting in and out of bed; or if you are transferring in and out of a wheelchair; or if you are under nurses care (the nurse may need to get you higher so it is easier for her to assist the patient in moving around on the hospital bed).

There are also LOW Phoenix Hospital Bed Rentals.  The LOW Hospital Beds may be useful to those who may fall out of bed.  Many alzheimer patients need the optional LOW Hospital bed.

If you need a bed to go either very LOW or very HIGH, let us know what your Hospital Rental preferences are.

Half Rails are usually standard on a hospital bed rentals.  Some people prefer the full rails.  Side rails are designed to help the patient move around in the bed by themselves, or to help them get out of bed, or to even help them stay in bed.  Let us know your preferences.  

Some Hospital Beds come available 4" longer than the extra long 80"; i.e. 84".  If someone is 6.1" and taller we would recommend to look at the 36" x 84" long beds.  

  • WIDE Hospital Bed Rentals are available for those who are HEAVY or just prefer a bigger bed.  A standard hospital bed, whether semi or fully electric is 36" wide (that is 2" less wide than a standard twinsize bed).  Phoenix Rent an Adjustable Bed are a little different than Hospital Bed Rentals in the facts that they look almost EXACTLY like a regular bed, without the "cot-spring" hospital bed look.  

  • Phoenix Adjustable Beds moreover can be made in ANY Bed Size.

Bariatric WIDE Beds come 48" wide.  But, some people want the Full or Regular or Double Size - which is 53" wide; and others want the Queen - which is 60" wide.  The FULL or QUEEN size hospital bed rentals are available in 3 motor versions too.  Many of these beds look much better than standard Hospital Beds.

A standard hospital bed  rental usually has a 300 pound weight capability.  But people who weigh over 250 pounds probably would NOT like the 36" standard width of a hospital bed.

Medicare only really pays for the standard 2 motor semi electric hospital bed.  You have to have special reasons to get Medicare to pay for a WIDER bed.  Please call if you need MEDICARE assistance (800)477-0248.

Bariatric WIDE Hospital Bed Rentals are available in models that have a 450, 650 and 1000 pound weight capacity.  We are Bariatric Bed Specialists.

Standard Hospital Bed Rentals come with your choice of very basic, vinyl covered foam mattresses or innerspring mattress.  They come in one firmness, FIRM.  The standard Hospital Bed Mattress is really designed for rentals, so they can easily be cleaned between patients.  We offer the WORLD'S best selection of alternative to the standard mattresses; including our own Electropedic Adjustable Bed mattresses - that are designed for a lifetime of use.


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